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98 Degrees

30th November 2017 - Thursday 20:00

98 Degrees, Los Angeles' sensational pop and R&B artists are bringing their signature sounds to the Florida Theater!

98 Degrees was formed in Los Angeles in 1997 by vocalists Justin Jeffre, Jeff Timmons, and brothers Nick and Drew Lachey. Inspired by groups such as Boyz II Men, Take 5, and Jodeci, they started honing their craft, doing auditions all over Los Angeles, and making connections in the music industry. It wasn't long before they were discovered by music manager Paris D'Jon and a record deal followed shortly thereafter. They didn't want to be labelled as just another boy band and they made it a point to write most of their songs themselves. They didn't want to be compared other popular groups of the late 90's (especially N'Sync and the Backstreet Boys) and they emphasized the R&B influence in their work. Drew said in an interview, "There are major differences musically between groups, not to mention the fact that we were signed to Motown, which gives us a little more credibility as far as R&B and soul music goes. We are singers, songwriters, and producers all in one, not just one of those manufactured pop groups that is put together as a marketing scheme." They went on to have a stellar career with 5 studio albums and their latest one (Let It Snow) comes out in October 2017.

Don't miss your chance to see these artists add a unique touch to R&B and pop music!