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Adam Trent

12th November 2017 - Sunday 19:00

Sensational and multi talented illusionist Adam Trent is bringing a new generation of magic to the Florida Theater!

Adam Trent was born in Colorado in 1985 and is an illusionist, comedian, and singer. He took in an interest in the performance arts when he was 9 and he dabbled in both magic and music. He said in an interview, “I was always kinda doing everything. I started out wanting to be a musician after seeing Michael Jackson videos, so I did impressions of him and other singers. Then, I moved on to drums and instruments. Then I started magic, and that was it for me. I actually sold my drum set for my first illusion kit. I needed $500 for something, so the drums had to go!” He cites David Copperfield and Penn and Teller as significant influences and he started doing street performances when he was just 14 years old. His breakthrough came when joined the cast of the Illusionists; a troupe of world class performers who put on acts of grand illusion, levitation, mind reading, disappearance, and a full view water torture escape. He’s the host of the TV series ‘The Road Trick’ and he’s also appeared on America’s Got Talent, The Today Show, and Ellen.

Don’t miss your chance to see this artist shatter stereotypes and bring a new generation of magic by fusing technology illusions, dancing, and comedy with classic techniques!