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Marshall Tucker Band

14th September 2017 - Thursday 20:00

The Marshall Tucker Band, South Carolina's sensational Southern and country rock artists are bringing their signature sounds to the Florida Theater!

The Marshall Tucker Band was formed in Spartanburg (South Carolina) in 1972 by Doug Gray, Jerry Eubanks, Toy Caldwell, George McCorkle, Paul Riddle, and Tommy Caldwell . They unwittingly named the band after a blind piano tuner based in the Spartanburg area. They were discussing band names one evening in an old warehouse (rented as rehearsal space) when someone noticed Marshall Tucker inscribed on it. They decided to call themselves the "The Marshall Tucker Band," not realizing it referred to an actual person. When Marshall was later interviewed about it, he said: It’s nice to have an organization named after you. I always tell them, “Don’t desecrate my name.” The band’s musical style can be best described as a blend of Southern rock (a subgenre of rock music that developed in the Southern United States from rock and roll, country music, and blues, and is focused generally on electric guitar and vocals) and country rock (a blend of country and rock music). The band’s been through many line up changes over the years and it currently consists of Doug, Marcus James Henderson, Chris Hicks, Rick Willis, Pat Ellwood, and B.B. Borden. They’ve had a stellar career with 23 studio albums, 4 live albums, and 11 compilation albums.

Don’t miss your chance to see these artists add a unique touch to Southern and country rock music!