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The Magpie Salute

29th October 2017 - Sunday 20:00

The Magpie Salute, an exciting new band featuring The Black Crowes’ alumni makes its debut at the Florida Theater!

The Magpie Salute consists of 4 key members of The Black Crowes (guitarist and vocalist Rich Robinson, guitarist Marc Ford, keyboardist Eddie Harsch, and bassist Sven Pipien) plus members of Rich’s own band (drummer Joe Magistro, keyboardist Matt Slocum, and backing vocalists Adrien Reju and Katrine Ottosen), along with some other friends. Rich got the idea for the band when he was performing in Woodstock (New York). Sven had joined him on the tour and for fun, he invited Marc and Eddi as well. It was such a “cool, cathartic, and inspirational experience” that they decided to form a band. They named themselves after a superstition that originated in the UK. Rich explained in an interview, “There are many variations, but the version I’m drawn to is the belief that if you see a Magpie, you would do well to salute it to ward off negativity, or to have a good day. The way you salute the Magpie, based on some traditions is to say ‘Good Mornin' Captain.’ The reason we salute is to show we're unarmed, or what I like to say is ‘we come in peace.’ The Magpie falls within the Crowe umbrella of species, figuratively and literally. Magpies can be black and white which represents the light and the dark. I figured all of these things touch on many aspects of my life and this experience.”

Don’t miss your chance to see this exciting new band perform songs from The Black Crowes catalog, as well as new material!