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Wild Kratts - Live

4th March 2018 - Sunday 13:00

Wild Kratts, the popular and award-winning kid’s TV show brought to you by PBS is coming live to the Florida Theater!

Wild Kratts (stylized as WILD KRATTS) is an educational children's animated TV series created by the Kratt Brothers Company; an award-winning entertainment company focusing on television and interactive digital media production, distribution, and brand management. The company (formed in 1993 by brothers Martin and Chris Kratt) has produced over 225 episodes that have aired on some of the most respected broadcasting channels around the world. The company has received numerous awards such as Emmy, Gemini, World Wide Web, Aurora, Parent's Choice, Canada New Media Awards, and many more. Wild Kratts was created with the aim of educating children about biology, zoology, and ecology, and showing them how small actions can lead to big impacts. Each episode has a common theme; to save animals from difficult situations created by villains, general human influence, or confusion on a baby animal's part. During an episode, children learn about the animals and their lives as the animated versions of Martin and Chris along with the Wild Kratts gang try to get them out of the situations or resolve them. The show is broadcast in numerous countries including US, Canada, Latin America, Australia, Spain, UK, Ireland, Germany, and many more.

Don’t miss your chance to visit amazing worlds full of adventure, with surprises around every corner, in this action-packed live show! Click the button below to see Wild Kratts - Live on Sunday, March 4th!

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